About Me

Welcome to Fusion Photo Art Prints

Fusion Photo Art Prints creates high quality Abstract Art and Photography. I use Photoshop and Illustrator to create wonderful images. I also create artworks using Procreate software and Apple iPad Pro with Apple Pencil.There is a short video sample to watch below.


Custom designs are available on request Send me an Email, just select the Contact tab and fill out the form.

I have been keen Photographer all my life inspired by my father who only worked in black and white 35mm film. Do you remember film? We used to spend hours in the dark room developing and printing photos. I wonder what the would make of the latest digital cameras?

I use a Canon 5D Mk3 camera which produces superb quality images. I shoot in Raw  so I have complete control of the photo quality. I use Lightroom and Photoshop for final adjustments.

A lot of my Abstract Art starts with one of my photos which may be a flower, rusty panel or landscape. Sometimes I combine multiple images and use layer blends to create unexpected results.




fusionhotoartprints.com  1204 12 Yarra Street South Yarra Melbourne  0439 647744  fusionphotoartprints@gmail.com

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